Dr. F. H. Ansarey

Managing Director & CEO, ACI Agribusiness

Keynote Speaker


November 29, 2021   |  3:00pm - 4:15pm  |  GMT+6

Dr. F H Ansarey is the Managing Director & CEO of ACI Agribusiness, a leading agricultural integrator in Bangladesh. He is also the Managing Director of Four other subsidiaries under ACI Limited namely ACI Motors Limited, ACI Agrolink Limited, ACI Premiaflex Plastics Limited and ACI Marine and Riverine Technologies Ltd.

Dr. Ansarey started his career in 1981 at Ciba-Geigy (Syngenta) a Swiss Multinational company. He joined ACI Limited in 1995 in Agribusiness. After joining ACI, he introduced and developed the diversified agribusinesses in Seed, Fertilizer, Crop Care and Public Health, Farm Mechanization, Animal Health and Agrolink business operated under his portfolio.

In 2007 he conceptualized the mission of agribusiness: 'Creating Wealth for Farmers'. To support the mission, he gradually introduced the complete range of solutions for the problems faced by the farmers- Seed, Fertilizer, Agriculture Machineries, Crop Protection solution, Animal Health solution, Integrated Poultry, Cattle, Aqua solution, Agri-processing including Shrimp processing and Export, and Commodity Exchange business.

ACI is a leading Agriculture company having complete Food value chain business. Starting from Molecular breeding, Seed research, Inputs for Crop & Animal Agriculture, Post-Harvest solution, Food processing and export, Forward linkage including Retail Chain and Agri-communication through digital flatform.

Dr. Ansarey, as part of his association with business community. He is one of the is a board member of Canada Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Member of the Executive Committee of Water 2030 Resource Group and Director of Krishi Gobeshona Foundation (KGF). He is also one of the Syndicate Members ( Governing body) of Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU).

Dr. A K M Fareyzul Haque Ansarey has completed BSc Honors in Zoology and earned Master's and PhD in Ecology.