Mr. Md. Saiful Islam

President, Leather Goods and Footwear Manufacturers & Exporters Association of Bangladesh (LFMEAB)


Leather and Leather Goods

November 29, 2021   |  3:00pm - 4:15pm  |  GMT+6

Brief on education: Marine Engineer from UK in 1995.

Brief on profession: Mr. Md. Saiful Islam is one of the leading businessmen/industrialists in the country having 32 years of business experience in various fields like shipbuilding, leather goods manufacturing, dredging and hospitality etc.

Brief on special achievement: Currently, Mr. Islam is President of Leathergoods And Footwear Manufacturers & Exporters Association of Bangladesh (LFMEAB) and Managing Director, Picard Bangladesh Ltd and Footstep Bangladesh Ltd; Chairperson, Western Marine Shipyard Ltd., Narayangonj Engineering & Shipbuilding Ltd. He is also former Chairperson of Confederation of International Footwear Association (CIFA) and Vice President of Bangladesh Shipbuilders & Exporters Association, and Ex-President of Bangladesh German Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BGCCI) from 2008 to 2012. Besides, Mr. Islam has been enjoying CIP status (Commercially Important Person) selected by the Government of Bangladesh since 1998 till date and his company, Picard Bangladesh Ltd., is a regular recipient of National Export Trophy.

Brief on contribution of you and your organization in:

  • Economy of Bangladesh: The leather industry contributes 4% of Bangladesh's total exports and it is annual export value is 1 billion plus. It has up to 85% value addition. At present, the industry has preferential market access to 3 billion people around the world.
  • Local and/or foreign private investment of Bangladesh: FDI stock of leather and leather product sector as on end of Dec, 2020: 278.08 million US$.
  • Generating employment of Bangladesh: 200,000+ people actively employed and indirectly employed 150,000+ people.
  • Transferring/developing technology in Bangladesh: Md. Saiful Islam is one of the pioneers in Bangladesh in catering shipbuilding technology such as Ship-Chartering, Ship-owning, Ship- repair, as well as dredging and capital dredging technologies etc.
  • Transferring/developing knowledge in Bangladesh: In 2003 Md. Saiful Islam has bought a renowned dockyard in Narayangonj namely, 'Banarjee Dock' which was established in 1920 and having long heritage of shipbuilding. He reconstructed the entire structure of the dockyard with a group of most adequate & qualified marine professionals in line with the challenge of the new millennium. The slipway as well as the functional capability of the yard itself has been renovated in terms of the need of modern ships and the name of the yard has been changed to 'Narayangonj Engineering & Shipbuilding Ltd.' With his hard work & dedication, now this shipyard has become one of the best ISO Certified dockyards in the country for quality shipbuilding in domestic and international market. His company, Picard Bangladesh Ltd., has already acquired ISO 45001 certificate in 2018: Picard Bangladesh Ltd.
  • Transferring/developing skill in Bangladesh: In entrance level, under Skills for Employment Investment Program (SEIP) for the leather sector with Ministry of Finance and Asian Development Bank (ADB), LFMEAB trained and employed 15,000 workforces and the semi-skilled workforce of its member factories by 2020. In a similar initiative, in managerial level, LFMEAB and Executive Development Centre (EDC)- East-West University (EWU) have created skill managerial 300 workforces at mid & higher-level positions by 2020.
  • Developing products and services in the Bangladesh economy: Leather industry exports leather and footwear products in 106 countries around the world. Bangladesh moved towards finished products in the early 1990s aiming for more value addition of its products. Bangladesh leather, leather products, and footwear industry are moving up for value-added expensive products. Over the decades, the leather sector has transformed into exporting from rawhide export to higher value-added finished products export and contributing immensely in product diversification initiative of Bangladesh.