Mr. Abdul Muktadir

Senior VIce President, Bangladesh Association of Pharmaceutical Industries (BAPI)


Health and Pharmaceuticals

November 28, 2021   |  4:30pm - 5:45pm  |  GMT+6

Brief on Education:
Abdul Muktadir is an Industrial Pharmacist by training. He studied at Dhaka University for his B.Pharm (Hons) and M. Pharm degrees. He then went to USA to study Industrial Pharmacy at Long Island University, New York from where he received his MS degree in Industrial Pharmacy. His areas of research were anti-cancer drug, trans-dermal drug delivery and dosage form design etc. He later gathered knowledge on pharmaceutical factory design and manufacturing of inhalers and Dry Powder Inhalers (DPI). His current interest is in the area of manufacturing of bio-similar products and human & animal vaccines. Recently, he received an honorary PhD from Long Island University (LIU), USA for his contribution to the pharmaceuticals field.

Brief on Profession:
Abdul Muktadir worked for 14 years in Beximco Pharmaceuticals in various senior management positions and then he started a business what is now known as Incepta. Incepta Pharmaceuticals is very widely known for its ability to introduce many new products in Bangladesh including biosimilars and vaccines. Incepta employs about 10,000 people and produces about 1100 different medicines and vaccines and it exports to 74 different countries of the world.

Brief on special achievement

  • In 2020, he received 'Business Person of the Year 2019' in 'The Daily Star-DHL 19th Bangladesh Business Awards'.
  • He was awarded as Highest Tax Payer for the year 2011, 2014 to 2020.
  • He was recognized as CIP (trade) for the year 2011 & 2012 and as CIP (Export) for the year 2010, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.
  • In 2004 he received 'The Bangladesh Business Awards' for outstanding performance as a business person.
  • In 2002, he received 'Financial Mirror Businessman Award'.


At present, Mr. Muktadir holds the following position,

  • Senior vice president at Bangladesh Association of Pharmaceutical Industries (BAPI).
  • Life member of SAARC chamber of commerce & Industry.
    • Formerly, he held the following positions,

      • Director at FBCCI.
      • Advisor at SAARC chamber of commerce & Industry.

      Some other membership hold by him are as follows:

      • Bangladesh Pharmaceuticals Society.
      • Asian Productivity Organization.
      • American Pharmaceuticals Association.
      • Life Member, American Alumni Association.
      • Life Member, Dhaka University Alumni Association.

      Brief on contribution of Mr. Muktadir and his organization:

      Economy of Bangladesh

      • Incepta Pharmaceuticals exports to 74 countries of the world through their distribution partner. To recognize the contribution company has been awarded the 'National Export Trophy' by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. With this, the company has now won consecutive four (FY 2013-14, FY 2014-15, FY 2015-16 & FY 2016-17) National Export Trophies.
      • INCEPTA received 'President's Industrial Development Award 2018' on December 28, 2020 from the industries ministry under a large industries category for quality and contributions to developing the commercial sector of Bangladesh.
      • As a member of the national business delegation, he visited different countries including Hungary, UAE and India as part of the prime minister's entourage. Furthermore, in a similar capacity he visited Switzerland, Sri Lanka, and Kenya as part of Health Minister and the Commerce Minister's entourage. During his visits, he played a vital role in the enhancement of bilateral economic relations.

      Local and/or foreign private investment of Bangladesh
      Under the guidance of Mr. Muktadir, Incepta has been able to establish association with different foreign bodies and open investment opportunities.

      • Since 2013, Incepta working in partnership with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF).
      • In 2010, Incepta was accepted by the global headquarters of UN agencies at Copenhagen, Denmark and became enlisted as a global supplier to UNICEF, UNESCO, UNDP, UNRWA and UNFPA.
      • In 2005, Incepta started supplying products to UNICEF locally in Bangladesh.

      Generating employment in Bangladesh: Incepta employs about 10,000 people.

      Transferring /Developing Technology in Bangladesh:
      Mr. Muktadir always tries to bring the latest technologies into the production facilities to produce high-quality product at affordable price. To support this effort, he introduces technology first ever in Bangladesh. Like,

      • 'Lyophilization technology' - For greater stability, solubility and ensures desired therapeutic benefits to the patients, 'OROS (Osmotic Release Oral delivery system).
      • Laser Drilling Technology' - A sophisticated and difficult to manufacture controlled released system, allows the most precise & constant drug delivery over 24 hours.

      Incepta is the first national company in Bangladesh to build a technologically and structurally advanced Cephalosporin facility.

      Transferring/Developing knowledge in Bangladesh:
      Mr. Muktadir introduced several internationally available knowledge in Bangladesh and shape-up knowledgeable and experienced workforce in relevant field.

      • Vaccine manufacturing
      • Monoclonal antibodies (MAB)
      • Biotechnology
      • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturing

      The company has research collaboration with a number of universities and institutions around the globe for the development of innovative products. He has been the force behind bringing the culture of innovation in the pharmaceuticals industry in Bangladesh.

      Developing Skills in Bangladesh :
      Mr. Muktadir is closely working with different government bodies and the leading universities like, National Defence College (NDC), University of Dhaka and many other reputed universities to foster the growth potential of country's human resources through lectures, seminar, workshops, conventions and so on by sharing knowledge, experience and vision with the young generation.

      In Incepta, Employees are provided with both formal and informal learning experiences that contribute to individual growth and improved performance in current or future jobs. Employees also offered external (national & international) training based on need.

      We have training tied-up with following international institutions;

      • University of Cambridge, England
      • Asian Institute of Management, Philippines
      • Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad(IIMA), India
      • Developing Product and Services in the Bangladesh:

        • Incepta has launched 255 products which were introduced for the first time in Bangladesh.
        • Incepta Vaccine Ltd manufactured vaccine and introduced human vaccines for the first time in Bangladesh.
        • Incepta Biotech Division launched first ever locally made Human insulin.
        • Incepta Vaccine Ltd introduced a locally manufactured Hepatitis B vaccine first time in Bangladesh with the brand name of Hepa-B. And also introduced snake venom antiserum for the first time in Bangladesh with the brand name of Antivenom.
        • Hepatitis C tablet which is the World's first ever generic version of Oral Ledipasvir + Sofosbuvir Tablet, a drug for the treatment of hepatitis C Introduced in Bangladesh Market by Incepta.