Prof. Dr. Md. Moazzem Hossain

Chairman, Aichi Medical Group


Health and Pharmaceuticals

November 28, 2021   |  4:30pm - 5:45pm  |  GMT+6

Brief on Contribution of you and your organisation:

  • Economy of Bangladesh:25 years serving in Bangladesh in the sector of Healthcare, Creating job opportunity, Creating skilled Doctors.
  • Local and/or Foreign Private Investment of Bangladesh:Bring JICA & GHS Foreign investment in Bangladesh amounted 650 Crore BDT. For the first time in Bangladesh JICA invested in any Private Sector.

  • Generating Employment in Bangladesh:Creating 5000 job opportunity in different field of Healthcare.

  • Transferring/Developing Technology in Bangladesh:Introducing latest healthcare technology in our hospital i.e., EMR, Sharing Patients information with referral Hospital.

  • Transferring/Developing Knowledge in Bangladesh:Developing 'Skill Development Center' in the field of Nursing education by providing state of the art training facility.

  • Transferring/Developing Skill in Bangladesh:Creating Skilled manpower for ICU, CCU, Oncology.

  • Development Product and services in Bangladesh Economy:Developing CAD/CAM Product in the field of Dentistry.

Message on Bangladesh International Investment Summit 2021:

'It is a very good initiative for Bangladesh economy to attract Foreign and Local investor in the field of different development sector. To identify the foreign investor to the latest infrastructure development for the investment. To know the foreigner about the availability of the Skilled resources in Bangladesh'.