Date- 28th - 29th November 2021

Day 1   |  Sunday, November 28, 2021  |  Time: 1:30pm - 2:45pm | GMT+6

Investment Competitiveness and Business Environment

Reaching New Heights in the New Normal  

D102B   |   Ball Room

One of the world's fastest growing economies, Bangladesh will become worlds the 25th largest economy in the next 15 years. Find out how the Government is facilitating and sustaining this remarkable progress by supporting the needs of a diversified and able private sector.


The session aims to provide the participants with an overview of investment opportunities and policies that affect investments which will set the stage for the following panel sessions. Valuable feedback can also be obtained from participants and they can be used for discussion during the panel sessions.


Given the need for better understanding of the investment scenario in Bangladesh, the session will:

  • Explain the factors that make Bangladesh a significant investment destination;
  • Outline the policy relevant enabling environment that affects investments in Bangladesh and highlight some of the recent reforms made to encourage investment;
  • Showcase the sectors that provide potential investment opportunities;
  • Inform the investors about the most likely challenges of these sectors they may face during investment and suggest potential solutions;
  • Show how investments can contribute to the sustained economic growth of Bangladesh.